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Why it's GREAT to live in Greensboro, North Carolina

February 26th, 2020 8:39 PM by Mojgan Jordan

G R E E N S B O R O , N C 

Greensboro, NC is big enough to have everything you need but small enough to regularly run into people you know. Typically, people that live here love it and can’t find any reason to leave. Those who do leave often return home to eventually raise a family. Part of the Piedmont-Triad, (which also includes Winston-Salem & High Point) Greensboro got the nickname “Gate City” with good reason. Greensboro is smack dab in the middle of all other major cities in NC. Head east about 3 hours for a warm & sunny beach weekend, or travel west 3 hours to hit the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

There is absolutely no shortage of entertainment, recreation, shopping, restaurants & arts to keep you busy. Greensboro is also home to the region’s largest hospital, and it proudly exhibits 170 well-kept public parks & gardens. From new and modernized to historic and preserved, there is a broad range of neighborhoods that can fit into any spectrum of taste for local home buyers. As a “southern” state, there is a strong sense of community giving a neighborly feel for all residents.

With the weather in Greensboro you get a little bit of everything. There are 4 distinct seasons here, each bringing their best to the table. The winters are a little milder than in cities to the north and annually, sunshine is expected on more than 200 days out of the year. However, summers can be very humid and very hot, so be sure to stay hydrated and bring the sunscreen!

There is a wide range of age groups attracted to Greensboro. The city center is generally what millennials and students are attracted to, while the broader metro area is more attractive for families. From classic historic homes and single-family homes to upscale condominiums and student housing complexes, Greensboro has it all.

There is an exciting revitalization in Greensboro that has been happening for the past few years, mainly Downtown. It is evident with its several art galleries, antique shops, nightclubs, upscale lounges, breweries and bars. There are also more than a whopping 90 miles of trails available for biking walking & hiking. Meanwhile, a favorite and popular activity in Greensboro is golf. In fact, Sedgefield Country Club hosts the Wyndham Championship in August! 

There is so much more in Greensboro, it’s pretty hard to name everything. You just have to explore yourself and trust me, you will soon come to find there are hidden (and well known) gems all across this fabulous city. 

Posted by Mojgan Jordan on February 26th, 2020 8:39 PM