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2019 Design Trends to Lookout For

January 3rd, 2019 11:44 AM by Mojgan Jordan

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Remodel spending on homes is expected to grow to more than $350 billion in the 3
rd quarter of 2019 (compared to the $331 billion of 3rd quarter in ’18) according to the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. WOW. There are so many different ways to go about updating the look of your space… whether you are just updating the colors in the apartment you rent, or completely renovating your home – there are some new trendy designs to strive for & others that are turning into ‘last years look’. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

First off, trends are supposedly getting a ‘longer shelf life’. By definition in my own words, an interior design trend is the popularity of an approach to décor as of the style, color, or pattern that is typically temporary. The past few years, the idea of simply updating your home has gone from easily do-able to I don’t think I can afford that for another year or so. Ultimately, the cost of homes and renovation increasing has led to trends being able to stick around longer. 

I’m pretty happy this is becoming a ‘thing’ because let’s be real, nobody can afford (nor has the time) to redecorate every 6 months. Unless of course you have no kids, no budget, and a lot of spare time on your hands. HA!

Hello Hygge!

The next trend is actually quite interesting. The past few years in the U.S., the Danish concept of Hygge (being cozy and content) has become increasingly popular - mainly in the cold winter months when people feel the need to bundle up and stay warm. Anna Starmer, U.K. based author of Love Color: Choosing Colors to Live With, suggests that people are low-key being encouraged to make their home a comfortable safe haven of sorts due to the current political and social moods. She states, “(I)t is no surprise that in recent times of uncertainties in the world, we are all starting to favour comforting shades and warming colours in the home.” This also includes rich comforting scents like citrus or cinnamon & softer textures in blankets, furniture and pillows. All in all – a setup that highly encourages you to R E L A X. 

Be Bold. 

Not everyone has a bold, energetic personality. And not everyone has the same interests in design. BUT, if you are willing, you should totally embrace your bold side and strive for an eclectic look for your home. You can do this in many ways. With a bright and happening wallpaper, or even some accented blue or orange pillows. Look for jewel tones and colors that contrast. If you aren’t the type to get bold wallpaper or do anything too drastic, but still want to make a statement, try painting an accent wall and getting other elements to match. Or simply adding some layers with throw pillows and blankets that have contrasting colors in order to create a new focal point in the room. 

Green is Happening. Apparently. 

Nature is becoming more and more influential every year. In 2019, expect even more inspiration from the lovely greens of the world. According to author Anna Starmer mentioned earlier, different shades of green are predicted to be much more prevalent this year in interior design AND fashion. Although, you do need to keep in mind that when you choose a color to help bring a space to life, be conscious of the textures and light in that space because it can alter the look indefinitely. 

Neutrals Are Getting Even Hotter.

Everyone knows the neutrals. And if you don’t, you should! Stark white, greys, and the “greige” gray-beige combo have always been a way to play it safe with interiors. This year people are actually looking to these colors as more of a warm shade to evoke the feeling of being in a more natural setting. In relation to these colors, décor like real stones, wood, ceramic pieces and even glass help counteract / mix the colors, shapes and textures. 

‘Natural’ is Even Inspiring Floor Color. 

Dark wood floors have been decreasing popularity in 2018 according to Lee Crowder, design gallery and model branding manager for Darling Homes based in DFW, TX. In 2019, the wood floors will continue to stay more on the lighter side and even increase in the ‘matte finish’ style which is quickly gaining popularity because of its naturalistic look. Manufacturers have even increased their product spectrum including varieties of vinyl or tile floors that look super close to real wood. Food for thought – engineered and recycled wood still remain a more sustainable alternative to the usual wooden floor. 

Mixed Metals Have Made Their Mark.

A few years ago, people would have thought you had slight to no taste having different metal finishes in one room. Especially a kitchen. But it’s actually becoming such a catchy trend. Mainly because finding every piece of hardware to match ‘exactly’ is difficult and a bit over-rated. Not only is it convenient, but mixing metals with the right balance can really give the space a glamourous, rich look. Feeling of metals can even be portrayed with wall colors and geometric shapes which can also be tied into other parts of the room. 




In a grand overview, it seems trends  are becoming extremely focused and influenced by comfort levels. It can  definitely vary however, depending on the person. From soft, romantic  pastels, to textured palettes, or even bold jewel tones/ metals. 2019 will also greatly be influenced by people’s state of ‘being different’. Acceptance of uniqueness has widely increased and gained popularity in 2018 and in 2019 it will become even more popular. This gives you a perfect platform of having the opportunity to express yourself in your interior designs. Embrace what works for you instead of focusing on one widely excepted trend. If you aren’t even sure what that is, go take a look in your closet! Your wardrobe can really say a lot about you and help influence your approach to design. For example, if you are really into wearing solids and natural colors, implementing that same natural feel into your interior design can really make you feel at home. 



Anna Starmer, U.K.- based author of “Love Color: Choosing Colors to Live With”


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Posted by Mojgan Jordan on January 3rd, 2019 11:44 AM