Referral Fee Information for Brokers:

We glady pay a referral fee to active, Licensed Real Estate Brokers. Tenant and landlord referrals are eligible for a referral fee.

Brokers must register their client, tenant or landlord, prior to that client contacting our office. WE WILL NOT PAY A REFERRAL FEE to any Broker who has not registered their client with our office prior to that client viewing a property or prior to an application being submitted.

The referral fee is generally 10% of the rental rate. This may change so please contact our office first if you have a specific question regarding the amount of the referral fee for a specific property.

The easiest way to insure your client is registered is to fill out a referral agreement - CLICK HERE   - Once we receive the Referral Agreement, we will sign it and return it to you for your records. You may simply email or call our office with your clients information to register them, however, a Referral Agreement is required to receive a referral fee.

Our listings are available to be shown by appointment only which may be set up through our office. Lockboxes are located at all of our properties both occupied and vacant.

Referral fees are paid the month after the tenant moves into a property.