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Best Time of Year for Home Improvement Projects

January 17th, 2019 3:32 PM by Mojgan Jordan

If you own a home, you surely know the overwhelming commitment it takes to keep it in good shape. There is ALWAYS a never-ending list of home improvement projects… I constantly find myself saying “It’s always something!” in frustration while cleaning up paint chips coming off the windows or finding a tiny leak coming from who-knows-where onto the kitchen floor.  Not only is it difficult keeping up with everything that needs fixing up but knowing when to do it usually ends up being the lingering question. 

Ultimately, the best time to start a home improvement project is when you actually have the time. But if you want to set yourself up for success by planning ahead, read on for some great timing tips. 

Best time: Winter

The nice thing about painting interiors is that you have heating and air conditioning. The main concern in this environment however, is the humidity. Moisture in the air will cause the paint to dry slower and also effect the texture of how it dries (It won’t be even). This means summer probably isn’t the best time to start a paint job on the interior of your home. Save that project for the winter when the air is at its driest. 


Best time: Winter

Obviously electrical work isn’t recommended around rain or thunderstorms… but honestly, this type of project can really happen just about any time of the year. BUT, according to Dennis Burke, owner of Mr. Electric of Southeast New Hampshire, doing these updates in the winter will actually help you avoid the influx of homeowners doing the same thing during late spring and early summer. He claims “Labor Day to Thanksgiving is also really busy.” 


Best time: Winter

Okay okay… I know winter doesn’t seem like the BEST time of year to be outside building a deck, but it’s actually the best time of year for the wood! It is reported by deck builders and contractors that “pressure-treated wood” (best for deck building), stabilizes the best when humidity is super low. Plus, don’t forget about how easily that scorching sun can either crack the wood or make it bend with added moisture in the air.

Best time: Winter or Spring

Bathroom remodeling can occur successfully during any month. But if you want to avoid the other 48% of homeowners apparently wanting to do the same thing, avoid the rush during summer and start this project earlier in the year. HomeAdvisor reports that the busiest month for bathroom remodel requests is in July!

Best time: Early Spring & Fall

The gutters are easily forgotten about. These babies can really do some damage to a house if they aren’t properly attended to. They collect leaves and whatever else draining off your roof, and if they get too full without being cleaned out, the drains can clog and ultimately lead to the gunk soaking into your house. The best time to clean them out is in the fall when most leaves are being collected, then again in early spring before April showers begin. 

Remember: you always have the option of hiring professionals to properly clean your gutters if you simply don’t feel comfortable with high roof lines or ladders! 


Best time: Spring or Fall

Least extreme conditions = best time to install wood flooring. If you take this project on during fall or spring, you will avoid dry air & peak humidity which are both harmful to wood. Also, you are able to open windows with some fresh cool air to help ventilate the smells of adhesive or wood stain. Ew.

Best time: Later Spring, Summer, Early Fall

It takes a decent chunk of the year to fully repaint a house, but it’s totally doable! You would be amazed at how a simple new coat of paint can completely transform the look of your home. It’s important for temperatures to stay above 35 degrees for exterior painting. If you are planning on doing it during spring or fall, be prepared for delays due to rain and temperature decreases.

Best time: Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall

For obvious reasons, when doing exterior work, it is recommended avoiding seasons that bring about inclement weather which delay projects. Plan the beginning to start after all snow chances pass for your region and make it a goal to get it completed before the frost comes back the next fall. This will more than help reduce chances of delays! *remember to schedule all professionals well in advance*


Best time: Summer, Early Fall

People working on a rooftop in icy or wet conditions is just a disaster waiting to happen. This project is definitely for the time of year with the best weather, which unfortunately is also the busiest time for the professionals. Make sure to schedule at least a month or two in advance for this project. 


Best time: Fall

Who doesn’t love fall deals?!?! Leading up to the holidays, there are soooo many discounts going on, it’s definitely worth buying an expensive item on sale even if you aren’t going to use it for 6 more months. Stores that sell appliances like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Sears are known to offer holiday weekend deals regularly, so keep an eye out for that new washer and dryer you have been dying to get!



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Posted by Mojgan Jordan on January 17th, 2019 3:32 PM