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Self Property Management VS Hiring A Company

May 10th, 2019 4:13 PM by Mojgan Jordan

Without proper management, even the best properties can turn rotten


& because of this, it can’t be neglected.

 Obviously, you can attempt to be your own property manager, but this could easily come at a cost to you not only from your pockets but take a toll on your energy as well (& sometimes even your sanity). 

If you are debating which road to take; doing it yourself VS having a property management company… well here is how Palmetto Equity Group just may in fact be the better choice.

  1. There’s infrastructure already in place

At our property management company, well, we do property management. We KNOW what we are doing and have the structure [already] in place for every aspect you can think of. From tenant payment, to rules and restrictions, and even every single question and detail that needs to be asked to potential clients and future tenants. These take years to get structured. So, to find a company that already has this key ingredient in what you need is a huge load off your shoulders.


  1. Ability to save time

Many people think property management is easy. In some cases, it can be, but most of the time it takes some tough decision making and negotiation. There are several mistakes that people make when trying to be 'DIY' on their home and end up spending more money and time because they weren’t able to foresee these bumps in the road. You may think you are saving money by doing it yourself – but in the long run you probably aren’t.

It’s pretty much like having a mentor. Especially when you hire a trusted company that will work their butt off to help save you money and not over spend on things that aren’t absolutely necessary.


  1. The experience with anything and everything –

“Oh my walls are molding”,  “There’s a pork chop bone stuck in the toilet”, “My kids kicked their soccer ball through the wall and busted a pipe”, “Our ceiling fan in the master is spinning slower than the one in the den”, “So, the roof worker fell through my ceiling this morning”, …we have been through it all… One thing our company really aids with is having a reliable maintenance department that can trouble shoot people through the phone. Knowing preventatives, what doesn’t work vs. what works to save service calls, time & money is a big key in successful growth. Palmetto has trusted vendor relationships with people that not only we RELY on, but that they know will get the job done satisfactory. AND we don't add any fees on top of what the vendors charge for their business or on top of our application fees. Our number one priorities are you as clients. We pass the savings to you - and that’s how it should be!


  1. Marketing channels & networking skills

Having smart and experienced Real Estate agents are really what can set apart a fabulous property management company. Good thing we have multiple of them! Knowing the market trends, not only for the Real Estate Market, but for the online Media Markets, is crucial. Typically, people that want to do their own management really don’t understand how much time and effort it takes to get a property rented out and maintenance properly to pass inspections. Not only will you have to fix everything yourself, but you would have to figure out lockboxes for your properties, market them, schedule tenant tours, figure out applications, and deal with regulated showings (and this is all before it even gets rented out). Then when there is an actual tenant living in the property, there WILL at some point be maintenance issues. Palmetto Equity acts as a buffer between the landlord and tenant so that things can get fixed and issues get resolved without the landlord breaking a sweat. THEN, when the tenant ultimately moves out at some point, we take the reins to schedule another tenant to move in as soon as possible after that previous tenant leaves. 

 In summary, having us as your property management company can really make your life easier if you are deciding to rent out your home or property. Should the need arise – I think you now know what to do. 



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Posted by Mojgan Jordan on May 10th, 2019 4:13 PM