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Fall Decorating Tips

November 14th, 2018 12:23 PM by Mojgan Jordan

"Fall is more than a season – it's a smell, it's a feeling, and it’s nostalgic." - Mojgan Jordan

It’s a comforting cozy sensation you get every time you step out into the crisp, cool air to smell the scent of fire burning, and see the beautiful rainbow-colored leaves. Well, guess what? You can also get that feeling inside your own home with this DIY guide to fall decor. 

Just like every other season, fall has its specific & unique scents, color palettes and styles that you are able to incorporate all over your home! 

Here’s how to do it:


Start with the Colors >

When the fall weather finally hits, it really does evoke fuzzy warm feelings (at least for most people unless you aren’t human) jk. But seriously, who doesn’t like fall?!

These fuzzy feels are mostly represented or reflected with fall’s signature colors - burgundy, tan, orange, yellow, rust, brown, gold, reds.. basically warm tones that create that inviting & toasty feeling. 

When thinking about the interiors of your home… the color integration is limitless. Think of simple changes first - like adding a few burnt orange colored feather pillows on the sofa or adding a tan throw across an ottoman. One thing we like to do in our office is add a few small pumpkins and even a trendy vase full of wheat, which I am typing by right now as I drink my under-rated Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte - (pictured below). 


You could even add some gold colored tins in the kitchen along with some burgundy or maroon towels on handles of drawers/dishwasher or oven. 

Always remember, just a few changes, additions or adjustments go a long way!
If you are the type of person that just wants the fall feels ALL year round, well why not just give a room in your home an updated coat of paint?! This could ultimately create a fantastic fall feel all year round - like this one! Check out Sherwin William's 2019 color of the year that is sure to get your fall-ish gears going >
It's called 

SW 7701 (290-C6)

visit this link to check out more >

Next is the Scents >

I believe the sense of smell can sometimes be the strongest trigger of nostalgia. What better way to enhance these great memories than with some fun fall candles?! Like burgundy or evergreen colored ones smelling of cinnamon (or whatever fall specifically smells like to you). Check out this link for some AMAZING smelling fall candles from one of our favorite brands, Wood Wick (duh.) - Some of the favorites are pine & fireside… but theres TONS to choose from!

Or you could take the more difficult route and just bake a pumpkin pie every day to leave your house smelling warm and sweet… ha! If only I had all the time in the world…. Here’s a to DIE FOR semi-simple Pumpkin Pie recipe from the delicious Preppy Kitchen. Let’s get cookin’!



Final Touch of Simple Accents >

Pumpkins are so handy. I mean between Halloween and Thanksgiving, they are a perfect decorating tool because they apply to both holidays. They look fabulous when done right & especially when using varying colors. For example, the white pumpkins add an elegant touch to front entry ways, the porch and even the fireplace mantle as shown below:

( via Pinterest )

The traditional orange ones (especially ones that look a bit worn or rustic) give really nice fall feels when placed on the dining room table, or even in the kitchen tucked in a corner or on the island right smack in the center:

 ( both via Pinterest )


The idea however, is not to overwhelm a room or space with too many pumpkins. Use them more as a subtle addition to a room with other decor like candles, leaves or wheat vases. Many people wander… ‘how early is it to start decorating my house for the season?’… okay first of all, it's your home! Do what you want! Second.. did you know it’s scientifically proven that decorating your home for a season makes you happier?! Yep. It’s true. Especially for Christmas time! Check out this link to read about it!!

We think its never too early to start prepping your home for your favorite season. 

Bring out the decor! And most importantly, have FUN with it. 

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Posted by Mojgan Jordan on November 14th, 2018 12:23 PM