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Real Estate 101 - A day in the life

September 24th, 2018 12:14 PM by Mojgan Jordan

In real estate there’s really no such thing as a ‘typical day’. If you fancy the phrase “changing it up” well, then this is your place because your schedule won’t be referred to as “ordinary”. 

Real estate agents are nothing short of busy. Managing marketing campaigns, scheduling open houses, submitting legal documents, and responding to client inquiries is a little under-rated sometimes. Even sleep becomes the last priority many days!

One day can be in the office all day long and another day could be appointments/showings all day long. Oh and don’t forget managing family time, time for self, keeping interested clients updated, keeping properties spick and span, being on time at listing/buyer appointments, bathing….GEEZ. I want to just sit down, eat pizza and watch Family Feud already. 

Part of the craziness of real estate is the busy schedule but it also can be the fun. Many of the clients that have come through our company have become great friends and that is another perk about real estate… the networking. 

In a typical day an agent, seller or buyer (you name it) speaks to or gets insight from another real estate professional in some type of way. In this process you are always learning new information, techniques and even cool lingo like,
“lets get you to the CLOSING TABLE!” 

FYI, that’s an exciting phrase. 

There’s so many real estate agents & companies out there… but each one has their different style and authority. That’s the fun of it too though… getting to be creative in your spectrum of techniques >> like this attractive blog post. ;) 

Remember, ultimately it's all about balance and what really just works best for you!


Next we will be blogging about the comparison of the local housing market to the national market… interesting stuff!

Stay tuned! – The Palmetto Team


Posted by Mojgan Jordan on September 24th, 2018 12:14 PM