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How Colors Make You Feel: 8 Design Colors & The Moods That Come With Them

January 22nd, 2020 8:01 PM by Mojgan Jordan

D I D  Y O U  K N O W 

that the color blue is the color that most makes you feel at ease & relaxed?! Or that the color red makes you feel the most energized and passionate out of all colors?!

 If you are redecorating or just simply adding a splash of color in your home, it can actually be a tough decision. There are so many great colors to choose from!

Here is a short breakdown of 8 colors and what emotions & moods they bring about:

G R E E NSOURCE: Inspirations & Ideas Interior Decorating Ideas: 10 Stylish ...

Okay, green is all over the planet for a reason. Struggle with anxiety? Green walls or décor can actually help! Yes! Green reduces anxiety and gives a sense of prosperity, restoration & composure as it clears your mind. Similar to how the color blue truly speaks to ‘by the water’ lovers, green can really suit people that crave that natural feeling of being outdoors.

W H I T ESOURCE: Ways to Use White in a Bedroom

Obviously white is the easiest color to get dirty… but it has a great purpose. The color white Is often used strategically to enlarge spaces and give a more spacious neutral feel. It doesn’t really set an immediate mood, but it typically makes us feel clean and pure. And it also goes with everything! Very helpful if you truly can’t decide on any other color because it’s the easiest to paint over. 


Y E L L O WSOURCE: Yellow Kitchen Yellow Kitchen Yellow #Kitchen Beautiful ...

Say it with me… “S U N S H I N E”. Who doesn’t love the yellow glaze of the warm sun flowing through their home or warming their skin?! Yellow paint can give off a very similar feeling. People tend to have yellows in their kitchens amongst most places. This is one of the common places in a home, especially in the mornings. Getting to wake up to a feel-good vibe in your kitchen of yellow tints can increase your energy and even brighten your mood.


SOURCE: 25 Amazing Orange Interior Designs || Hot Trend: 25 Vibrant Home Offices with Bold Orange Brilliance

You have to be particular about oranges. Not so great for a bedroom or living room, but incredibly usable in an exercise or high energy room. Why?! Orange is an exciting color that brings about enthusiasm and bursts of energy. It can also stimulate your appetite! So, if you are on a diet or trying to be more conscious of what you’re eating… definitely don’t paint your kitchen orange. 


R E DSOURCE: 35 Examples Of Eye-Popping Red Interior Design

Red is a color used for a very wide spectrum of things - from love, romance & roses to rage, hostility & danger. Where do you draw the line?! Honestly, I don’t know very many people that recommend painting full walls red. Unless it’s for a particular reason. Sometimes however, red can be used fantastically in a social space to create a focal point on a wall or in the room. Just try to keep it to rooms used for socializing and not necessarily relaxing. 


B L U ESOURCE: 8 Top Interior Designers Share Their Favorite Blue Paint ...

This one is kind of obvious. I LOVE blue. Who doesn’t?! Maybe because it is so calming and can make you feel centered, relaxed & serene. Blue is known to clear the mind; help steady one’s breathing & even can lower blood pressure. This may be true for the color, but it also can come across as cold and chilly. Especially the darker blues. But the light & warmer blues can be great to use with balancing warm hues & furnishing. 


P U R P L E SOURCE: 12 interior design trends 2018 | HELLO!

A dramatic & rich color, purple is actually historically known for its resemblance for luxury and royalty. If purple is your color and you need it to be in your home, consider using deep purples in a space that can be portrayed as romantic or mysterious with a luxurious vibe. The deeper purples are supposedly great for sparking creativity. Although, in a bedroom you may want to consider the lighter purples like lilac or lavender because they are more calming tints. 



SOURCE: How to Decorate a Pink Bedroom

Okay I had absolutely no idea about this effect until I researched it, but apparently pink has a tremendous impression on our mood. It is actually called the ‘Pink Effect’. Interestingly enough, if you are exposed to large amounts of the color pink, it can have a very significant calming effect on the nerves and even help relieve feelings of aggression, neglect & anger. Taking this into consideration, this is why pink is great for children’s rooms promoting feelings of kindness, love & playfulness.





Posted by Mojgan Jordan on January 22nd, 2020 8:01 PM