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D I D  Y O U  K N O W 

that the color blue is the color that most makes you feel at ease & relaxed?! Or that the color red makes you feel the most energized and passionate out of all colors?!

 If you are redecorating or just simply adding a splash of color in your home, it can actually be a tough decision. There are so many great colors to choose from!

Here is a short breakdown of 8 colors and what emotions & moods they bring about:

G R E E NSOURCE: Inspirations & Ideas Interior Decorating Ideas: 10 Stylish ...

Okay, green is all over the planet for a reason. Struggle with anxiety? Green walls or décor can actually help! Yes! Green reduces anxiety and gives a sense of prosperity, restoration & composure as it clears your mind. Similar to how the color blue truly speaks to ‘by the water’ lovers, green can really suit people that crave that natural feeling of being outdoors.

W H I T ESOURCE: Ways to Use White in a Bedroom

Obviously white is the easiest color to get dirty… but it has a great purpose. The color white Is often used strategically to enlarge spaces and give a more spacious neutral feel. It doesn’t really set an immediate mood, but it typically makes us feel clean and pure. And it also goes with everything! Very helpful if you truly can’t decide on any other color because it’s the easiest to paint over. 


Y E L L O WSOURCE: Yellow Kitchen Yellow Kitchen Yellow #Kitchen Beautiful ...

Say it with me… “S U N S H I N E”. Who doesn’t love the yellow glaze of the warm sun flowing through their home or warming their skin?! Yellow paint can give off a very similar feeling. People tend to have yellows in their kitchens amongst most places. This is one of the common places in a home, especially in the mornings. Getting to wake up to a feel-good vibe in your kitchen of yellow tints can increase your energy and even brighten your mood.


SOURCE: 25 Amazing Orange Interior Designs || Hot Trend: 25 Vibrant Home Offices with Bold Orange Brilliance

You have to be particular about oranges. Not so great for a bedroom or living room, but incredibly usable in an exercise or high energy room. Why?! Orange is an exciting color that brings about enthusiasm and bursts of energy. It can also stimulate your appetite! So, if you are on a diet or trying to be more conscious of what you’re eating… definitely don’t paint your kitchen orange. 


R E DSOURCE: 35 Examples Of Eye-Popping Red Interior Design

Red is a color used for a very wide spectrum of things - from love, romance & roses to rage, hostility & danger. Where do you draw the line?! Honestly, I don’t know very many people that recommend painting full walls red. Unless it’s for a particular reason. Sometimes however, red can be used fantastically in a social space to create a focal point on a wall or in the room. Just try to keep it to rooms used for socializing and not necessarily relaxing. 


B L U ESOURCE: 8 Top Interior Designers Share Their Favorite Blue Paint ...

This one is kind of obvious. I LOVE blue. Who doesn’t?! Maybe because it is so calming and can make you feel centered, relaxed & serene. Blue is known to clear the mind; help steady one’s breathing & even can lower blood pressure. This may be true for the color, but it also can come across as cold and chilly. Especially the darker blues. But the light & warmer blues can be great to use with balancing warm hues & furnishing. 


P U R P L E SOURCE: 12 interior design trends 2018 | HELLO!

A dramatic & rich color, purple is actually historically known for its resemblance for luxury and royalty. If purple is your color and you need it to be in your home, consider using deep purples in a space that can be portrayed as romantic or mysterious with a luxurious vibe. The deeper purples are supposedly great for sparking creativity. Although, in a bedroom you may want to consider the lighter purples like lilac or lavender because they are more calming tints. 



SOURCE: How to Decorate a Pink Bedroom

Okay I had absolutely no idea about this effect until I researched it, but apparently pink has a tremendous impression on our mood. It is actually called the ‘Pink Effect’. Interestingly enough, if you are exposed to large amounts of the color pink, it can have a very significant calming effect on the nerves and even help relieve feelings of aggression, neglect & anger. Taking this into consideration, this is why pink is great for children’s rooms promoting feelings of kindness, love & playfulness.





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So, it’s your best dream but also your worst nightmare – your home listed For Sale has TONS of interests and appointments, but nobody is putting in an offer…. What’s next?


Well, there’s some good news and some bad news...the bad news is there is no magic “trick” or single method or marketing campaign that will do the deed of selling your home on its own. BUT, the good news is, there is still opportunity; opportunity to take action & analyze the facts of the property to determine what needs to be done in order to get the house sold. 

1 - First Things First – Create a New Competitive Market Analysis

At this point in the process, if you are having to do a new CMA, your listing has most likely been on the market for ages. In this scenario, you now have resources such as feedback from potential buyers & agents and new competing prices for pending sales and active listings in the same or surrounding neighborhoods. By doing a new CMA you will be up to date in making sure your listing accurately compares selling next to the other listings in the area. Make sure to look at things such as how many days the listing was on the market, number of other homes comparing to yours and the list-to-sell-price ratio.

2 – Re-Evaluate Your Motivation 

Re-think why you are selling in the first place and when you want to move (ideally). Is there a set or flexible amount of money you are wanting to net after the sale? Maybe your expectations or motivations have changed since first putting the listing on the market? Sometimes a price-reduction can be the key to not only getting the listing sold, but also helping you move on to then focus on your next home. 

 3 – What About Leasing-to-Own? 

Research and think about potentially becoming a landlord and leasing out your property instead. Again, with this option, make sure to look at the competition of the market with leasing options and price points etc. Also, make sure you are well aware of the realities of becoming a landlord. With this in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to even check out property management companies like Palmetto Equity Group to do all the work for you. Property management companies know all of the ins and outs with renting out houses and landlord responsibilities. So if this option has true potential for you, don’t hesitate to ask a management company for advice in which path to take next. 

 4 -  Set up Tours of Other Competing Homes

To get a better glimpse of your competition, set up appointments to view similar homes in the area. It's possible sometimes to have false ideas of what you 'deserve' from your listing without doing proper research. Go out to some houses around the area to compare your listing, its updates and the details of its price point.  


5 – Possibility of Taking the House off the Market 

Honestly, sometimes listing a home and the timing of it together are all about luck. Some listings (along with all of its details such as location & price) are just not listed during the most prosperous time. Depending on the year and location of the listing, there are certain times that are more advantageous to list. With this in mind, after doing research and comparing your listing to other similar ones in the area, determine if you are willing to take your home off the market to re-list when the time is most opportune (like during the Spring when weather is nice and more people are opt to move). 

6 – Is it Possible a Price Reduction Will be Successful?

 What is the potential of decreasing the price point – if and when the home starts to slow down on showings and interest? Most of the time, when a property is sitting on the market with no interest, it could be a great move to reposition the price to reflect prospective buyers’ expectations. If you do end up decreasing the price, make sure the marketing with this change goes hand-in-hand. It is critical to keep the marketing campaigns and listings up to date as much as possible. 


7 – Are There Possible Improvements That Could be Made?

 Most of the time, this can be the hidden key to getting a lingering listing sold. You would be surprised how a little bit of sprucing up and staging can totally alter the amount of attention your listing is getting from prospective buyers. Simply freshening up the curb appeal with new greenery or rocking chairs on the porch can bring in tons of people wanting to see more. However, if price is an issue here, do your best to research contractors who will accommodate waiting for payment until closing. 


8 – Using an Improved & New Marketing Campaign

 Property updates and price changes are crucial to market about. Especially if you have the house staged or had improvements made. You will most likely need new photos, new flyers, and new marketing strategies for OPEN HOUSE. Consider partnering with a great food place or even a charity so that not only will your ‘open house’ be marketed to more people, but your outreach of prospects will be larger. Lastly, be sure to post about the updates and new price on all media sites you can. The more the merrier!


9 – Always Stay Updated

 Weather you are listing as an owner or having an agent list for you, make sure you are always on-top of what is going on not only with your listing, but the others in the area!


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There are so many living options in the world, but they basically boil down to either renting or buying. Considering Real Estate is constantly in flux and can be extremely local, there is not really a universal ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘better’ choice between renting or buying. Especially when you take into consideration that every single person looking for a place to live is in a completely different stage of life. Taking these facts into play, here are some pros and cons of renting vs. buying!


P R O S   O F    B U Y I N G    A    H O M E


  • Making constant payments builds equity 
  • Tax deductions
  • Forced savings
  • Stability… in which you know this place is ‘yours’
  • Place of your own
  • You are in charge and can do whatever you please to the design 
  • You can build tons of wealth in the process without lifting a finger
  • Could potentially be cheaper than renting in some situations
  • Pride of ownership (social status, accomplishment)
  • Mortgage can improve your credit history/score
  • No more monthly payments after mortgage is paid off
  • Can rent out to others
  • It’s the American Dream!



P R O S    O F    R E N T I N G 


  • No real estate taxes 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Deposits made on the property are typically refundable
  • Freedom to move when you want (as long as you give notice at appropriate times)
  • Less financial responsibility 
  • Ability to invest your money into other fields that yield better returns
  • No risk of home price depreciation
  • “free” amenities such as neighborhood pool, gym, security system 


C O N S   O F   B U Y I N G   A   H O M E 


  • Many costs come quick (appliances, maintenance, upkeep)
  • More potential responsibility 
  • Harder to move in the future
  • More liability
  • Might be more expensive than renting when looking at circumstances
  • Could potentially go into a ton of debt if you don’t go about buying at the right time
  • Needs constant updates to keep value up
  • Not everyone qualifies for a mortgage
  • If in a neighborhood with HOA dues, they could potentially increase every year
  • Long-term commitment
  • Possibility of being foreclosed on



C O N S   O F   R E N T I N G 


  • Rental amount could increase on a regular basis
  • No wealth creation
  • No tax benefits
  • Less stability, more rules
  • You walk away with nothing after paying months and months of rent 
  • Often stuck in a lease for 12 months or longer 
  • Could be forced to move on fairly short notice if owner wants to sell or flip the property
  • Might be restrictions like no pets etc.
  • Fees of applications can add up if the market is competitive and there are a lot of applicants

With this information in mind - hopefully you are able to make the right decision for you and your family when the time comes in renting or buying your next home! Remember, you can always give Palmetto a call if you have any questions about these pros & cons or even just need Real Estate advice.

Good luck!






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FUN FACT: Did you know the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) projects that indoor air has the probability of being 2 – 5 times MORE polluted than the outdoors? 

Many people really don’t realize the massive importance of taking care of your home’s indoor air quality. There are common & well known sources of indoor air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke & radon. In addition to these, however, there are lesser known sources of common indoor air pollutants people don’t think about. 


One of the most surprising pollutants known as ‘ozone’ actually comes from air purifiers or common indoor air pollutants. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars go into investing in these gadgets to help kill mold and bacteria. Little do we know, that these “shock treatments” to the air are actually filled with enormous amounts of ozone which yes, may be an effective treatment, but the reality of it is health officials have disagreed. Ever heard of smog? It’s definition from Google reads, “fog or haze combined with smoke and other atmospheric pollutants.” Ozone is actually the chief component of smog which can trigger asthma attacks, cause coughing fits and even scar lung tissue among other health problems. 


Paint. The strong chemically balanced solution paint is, it can release a dangerous amount of organic compounds over long periods of time. If these are inhaled extendedly, it can lead to serious health problems. Keep in mind to battle these problems, always use ventilation & open as many windows as you can. Have fans blowing etc… You can also select low-VOC or no-VOC paint to begin with. This includes small paints just used for canvas painting and other substances with strong smelling chemicals.


Carpets. Think about the manufacturing of carpets. Sometimes when you open a fresh new carpet it has that funky manufacturing smell.. that’s because they use certain chemicals to manufacture carpets that are dangerous - like formaldehyde. This chemical can irritate respiratory systems dramatically. Keep that in mind next time you get yourself a new carpet! Maybe air it out outside for an hour or so OR vacuum it really well.



Cleaning Products. Antibiotic pesticide and chlorine are two VERY potent and often toxic ingredients and guess what…. Many off-the-shelf household cleaning solutions are filled with them.

  • Be careful of what cleaning products you use together. It is common for people to unknowingly mix unhealthy compounds into the air by mixing chlorine-based cleansers with acid-based cleansers (like vinegar or ammonia). Just try to be cognizant of what cleaners you are using with others and what their makeup is to ensure the air quality is not suffering when you use them.


Now that you know about many toxins here is some advice on how to reduce them. 


Toxins are sneaky. They can be hiding anywhere and all throughout your home. One of the first important places to look is the kitchen. Think about your food containers, water and even foods you are eating. Obviously, water is crucial to live, but not everyone realizes how harmful tap water can be. Sometimes, runoff water can run through waste encountering many toxins in the ground which will eventually make it’s way through the systems of humans, animals and even plants causing harm. This is where investing in a high quality water filter will be worth it. Get one that doesn’t just reduce the harmful toxins, but eliminates them. 


Water bottles can also pose another threat when it comes to concerns of toxins. Bottles of water (depending on the brand) can contain harmful amounts of the toxin bisphenol A (BPA), which is an endocrine disrupter, AKA it blocks natural hormones from behaving properly. There are many side effects of being exposed to BPA, such as the mimicry of female hormonal estrogen which upsets normal processes of development for growing babies and young children & the functions necessary for maintaining an adult body. The best way to avoid this is to simply drink out of glass or stainless steel water bottles.  


Pesticides. Many foods are sprayed by pesticides. If the produce and grains aren’t cleaned afterwards, we just may be putting these pesticides into our own mouths. In theory, pesticides are great because they protect the ground grown foods we eat from fungi and pests, but in practice this can also be harmful to our bodies. A way you can avoid this is by buying organic foods as much as possible. Yes I know, organic can be expensive! So in this case with organic produce being unattainable – go for vigorous washing before eating normal store bought food. 


Perfumes. Colognes. Air fresheners. These all smell AMAZING – but are unfortunately full of harmful toxins. To reduce these, try essential oils instead! Essential oils give plants' distinctive smells, protect them and also aid in plant pollination. They have many other significant uses such as food preparation, health-care practices & even beauty treatments!


Regarding air fresheners, they also have essential oil diffusers. These are awesome because there are so many different types and looks for you to choose from and they are easy to use PLUS smell fabulous. Make sure to buy one that has an auto shut-off feature!


A very important way to reduce toxins in your home is through the use of plants. There are several types of plants that have air purifying properties. Some of them include peace lilies, which will flower during the summer; spider plants, which are very hardy and easy to grow; and snake plants, which are hard to kill, making them great for me to buy… ha! Some of the harmful toxins these plants remove are benzene, ammonia & formaldehyde. 


For our final point, always remember one of the best ways to purify your air is to consistently change your air filters when needed! This will not only help the life of your HVAC system, but will help you and your family breathe clean air. If you have small (thin) air filters, those typically need to be changed every 3-4 weeks. The thicker & larger filters can be changed every 2-3 months. 


Hopefully these toxin-removing helpful hints are able to aid you in de-polluting your home.  

Sometimes, all you need is fresh air. Make your home a place that can give that to you. 





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What an amazing community we live in. Not only does Greensboro have DELICIOUS food and a captivating downtown historic culture, but it also is crawling with volunteers wanting to help and better our community. There are so many charities & nonprofits all around us. It’s important to know about them and what role they could be playing or need to be playing for your family, neighbors & even friends. Check out these 8 awesome nonprofits in our lovely town!


1)    Family Service of the Piedmont

“Family Service of the Piedmont is a private, not-for-profit agency focused on building safe and healthy families in the Piedmont Triad. We serve more than 18,000 clients each year, addressing issues of domestic violence, child abuse, mental health and financial stability.”

They serve more than 18,000 local adults and children each and every year, while helping manage and address the issues of child abuse, mental health, domestic violence & financial stability. 




--- photo taken from the impact reports

Find out more here:


2)    Greensboro Urban Ministry 

“Greensboro Urban Ministry’s mission is to express the love of God to our neighbors in need by offering food, shelter and solutions. Our vision is stable lives for our neighbors. 

We have served the Greensboro community since 1967.

Poverty is an equal-opportunity destroyer. Lack of food, funds and affordable housing create true disasters in the lives of our guests. Our goal is to be there first with them to help them dig out of the rubble and return to stability as quickly as possible.”

There are so many ways to get involved with this organization! Volunteers come in all ages and abilities… all sharing the belief “in one’s power to make a difference.” Together, anything Is possible. There are 2 primary tracks for people called to serve those living in poverty: Program Volunteering & Event Volunteering. Click on the link below to learn more:


3)    United Way of Greater Greensboro

United Way of Greater Greensboro is leading a local movement to END poverty.

“That’s why we’ve created a community-wide network of partners that provides a path to financial stability at any stage of life. Our new holistic approach to ending poverty is working and we have the outcomes to prove it. Adults are becoming financially stable now and children have the proper foundations to be successful in the future.”

United Way, along with it’s community partner agencies were successfully able to deliver 137,109 service interactions to Greensboro residents from 2017-2018. Here are some of the outcomes! :

91% of parents increased time spent with their children to support learning at home.

89% of youth achieved acceptance to college/post-secondary programs.

99% of people connected to a primary health care provider and received needed services.

91% of children achieved on-time grade and middle school promotion.

94% of people landing a job remained employed for 12 months.

82% of people seeking assistance were provided needed shelter or housing.


4)    Wheels 4 Hope

“Wheels4Hope is a non-profit, faith-based car donation program that turns donated cars into local blessings.”

Located in the Triad areas of NC, they have a strong mission to be able to provide reliable, affordable transportation to the less fortunate or economically struggling families/individuals referred to them by their partner agencies. They are an IRS approved charitable organization in which they exist only through the contributions of numerous generous donors, congregations, volunteers & partner businesses who understand and agree that reliable transportation is critical for self sufficiency in today’s society….also being a huge key to the pursuit of education, stable employment &  the care of children.

Check out this heart-warming story from their website!

“Latisha and her 10 year old son, Bryce, received their 2000 Nissan Maxima last Thursday! After a year of using the bus, Latisha and Bryce took their last ride to the Wheels4Hope office to sign all the paperwork and purchase their car!

Latisha was referred from the Raleigh Rescue Mission, where she has been staying for the last year. She works two jobs and had been without a vehicle for 10 years! Latisha plans to use her car to pursue employment and housing options now that she is no longer limited to the bus route! Way to go, Latisha! Congratulations on all your hard work!”


Find more inspirational stories at


5)    Backpack Beginnings

"BackPack Beginnings’ mission is to deliver child-centric services to feed, comfort and clothe children in need.  By ensuring food and basic necessities are given directly to children in need, we make a positive and lasting impact on their health and well-being."

Look at all of these amazing impacts that were made this year!

6)    Out of The Garden Project

"Out of the Garden Project's mission is to nourish families with food to grow, learn and thrive. Our vision is to connect people through partnerships that feed families, create community and build healthier outcomes."

“Out of the Garden Project is a story of miracles — the story of amazing things that would not happen but actually do — because people like you come together to move mountains of hunger. This is a story of hope. With your help, we have many more chapters to write, and the families we help get a chance to live better lives. Thank you for all you do in service of our kids and our community.”

I actually had the pleasure of volunteering with Out of The Garden and it was so much fun giving back to our community! This organization is incredible. The looks on peoples’ faces as they drove up to the food truck and saw how much food we were giving them (completely for free) was a treasurable moment each and every time. Check out some of these photos I took:


7)    Habitat for Humanity

“Habitat Greensboro has an open-door policy: All who believe that everyone needs a decent, affordable place to live are welcome to help with the work, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political views or any of the other distinctions that too often divide people. Habitat Greensboro welcomes volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds and also serves people in need of decent housing regardless of race or religion. As a matter of policy, Habitat for Humanity International and its affiliated organizations do not proselytize. This means that Habitat will not offer assistance on the expressed or implied condition that people must either adhere to or convert to a particular faith, or listen and respond to messaging designed to induce conversion to a particular faith.”

Celebrating their 32nd year, Habitat Greensboro has successfully placed more than 490 families into affordable homes in our Triad community. Internationally, they have placed 450 families in homes they have BUILT restoring hope and the communities in whole. Habitat GSO makes incredible differences in so many peoples’ lives, ultimately creating an exciting & strong impact on the rest of the community.


8)    Faith Action International House 

"Faith Action serves and advocates alongside of over 3,000 new immigrants and refugees and their families from over 60 diverse nations each year at our downtown Greensboro house location.

Serving and advocating alongside 3,000 immigrants and refugees from over 60 diverse nations

Providing over 70 trainings and presentations to 2,500 people in school, city departments, nonprofits, and faith communities across North Carolina and beyond

Connecting thousands more across lines of culture, faith, and nationality through our Stranger to Neighbor and Faith action ID Programs"

Their bilingual (Spanish, English, and French), and culturally competent staff provide one on one help with:

·      Basic needs (food and diapers, healthcare, and housing issues) 

·      FaithAction ID cards

·      Education opportunities and employment readiness

·      Safe space and accompaniment for domestic/sexual violence survivors

·      Emergency assistance to families facing detention and deportation

·      Referrals for furniture, clothing, legal services, etc…

There are SO MANY more nonprofits around the Triad! These are just a few of the many generous organizations. 

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These are some of the top Real Estate myths debunked... just for you!


1)   All Real Estate Agents are the Same

“So many options…. who should I choose to help sell my home? Hmm, I’ll just pick this one because all Real Estate Agents would probably do the same thing with my house anyways.”

 - FALSE! Every Real Estate agent is not the same! Believing in this myth can lead to huge mistakes when selecting an agent to represent you and your interests. Every single Real Estate agent comes from a different background, with different capabilities & different experiences. For example, an agent that specializes in sales and has been working for 2 years with mostly townhomes will NOT have the same skills as an agent who has been in the market for 15+ years specializing as a buyers agent with luxury homes. Remember, there is a very significant difference between agents working with buyers verses sellers!


2)   Real Estate Agents Will Say and Do
Anything to Make a Sale

Not many people know all of the rules and policies that go into being a real estate agent. They are highly held to a certain code of ethics. Many (if not most) Real Estate companies, like Palmetto Equity Group, heavily rely on referrals from pleased past customers. Doing great business, being trustworthy and proving your skills creates many great referrals and positive messages with word of mouth. Not saying that there aren’t agents that may lie, but most don’t because they are smart and know the consequences. Remember, it is very important when buying or selling, to use an agent you can trust and be comfortable with to make the best decisions for your future. 



3)   Real Estate Agents Can Only Show Their Own Company’s Listings


Ever heard of the MLS?? It stands for Multiple Listing Service. 

MLS ensures to not only even the playing field for all Real Estate companies around the town (big and small), but also allows for the public to get information on any property listed with the brokers discretion. So, to put it lightly, a Real Estate agent working for Palmetto Equity Group can show their own properties AND also properties that are currently listed by other companies. 



4)   A Home Doesn’t Need to be Prepared
Before Going on the Market


This myth can cost you thousands of dollars as a seller. Most of the time, a house is not perfectly ready to put on the market without an agents advice. This advice includes curb appeal updates, interior updates and additions, staging to make the home be more appealing, vendor contacts for house updates/maintenance/painting etc... the list goes on! There are several details that go into selling a property quick, that most of the general public don’t think about. Most buyers now-a days are looking for a home to buy that is MOVE IN READY. Also, the first 3-4 weeks a home is listed are the most important. If you don’t touch your home, leaving it outdated and covered with small imperfections, it will leave a negative idea in the buyers’ mind when they view your home. This will happen more than once, next thing you know your listing has been on the market for 4 months and you have wasted hundreds if not thousands on marketing. Not to mention the longer a property is on the market, the more questions buyers will ask out of their own skepticism. Do yourself and your selling experience a favor and have your home prepared properly, priced correctly and marketed strategically. If this is done, it is more than likely (not guaranteed, however) that your home will be under contract in less than 2 months.


5)   Selling a Home “For Sale by Owner”
Saves a lot of Money


It is very common for first time sellers to immediately have the idea of selling their property themselves to ‘cut costs’. They will believe it is as ‘easy’ and ‘simple’ as putting a sign in the front yard and inputting the address on MLS. It’s really not that simple…Often when FSBO’s (For Sale By Owner’s) try to take this on all on their own, they don’t realize how time consuming it is and what work goes into the sale of a property. The FSBO could mistakenly over-price their listing, mishandle a negotiation with a potential buyer, or even falsely grant a transaction to take place with a buyer that ends up being denied months later. In this circumstance, it’s better to be sure of hiring a professional than being unsure and taking it on yourself. 



6)   Getting Pre-approved is Done After
Finding Your Dream Home


Many home buyers make the mistake of waiting to find their perfect dream home before getting pre-approved. Having your finances approved for a mortgage is a major step of the home-buying process that you should worry about sooner rather than later. To be more prepared and prevent disappointment down the road, before you find your dream home, get pre-approved by your mortgage lender so you have more confidence going into your home search. Keep in mind, another huge reason being pre-approved is important is so you can have a leg up over other buyer competition to win over your dream home in the case there are multiple offers.


7)   You Get a Better Deal When Buying a Home Through the Listing Agent 


Another common Real Estate myth is regarding the home-buying process when purchasing from the listing agent. Many potential buyers believe they can receive a ‘better deal’ on the home using the listing agent because they think the listing agent will cut their commission percentage based on receiving ‘both sides’ of the transaction. Nope. Even when this happens, the listing agent still represents the seller. Just remember, if this is the case for you, the listing agent will have both parties to keep in mind. You need to have a good idea with how hard the listing agent is willing to negotiate price with seller (their other client) and vice versa. 


8)   All Real Estate Agents Make Bank

Obviously successful Real Estate Agents are able to make a strong income. What many people don’t know however, is the amount of time, effort & money that top producing real estate agents need to put forth in order to be super successful. There are many expensive classes, tests and hours of continuing education involved. There are also many Real Estate agents that literally start from the bottom, with not many contacts or involvement having to step up, make cold calls and really work extra hard on their networking skills to get their name in the field.


9)   When Selling a Home, Price it to
Leave Room for Negotiations

When selling your home, correctly pricing it is one of the top 3 important keys. There are many different real estate pricing mistakes that sellers commonly make. For example, purposefully pricing a home higher to ‘leave room’ for negotiation. NO NO NO! Doing this can create massive frustration and could ultimately lead to your home sitting on the market for ages. For sellers, it is critical to understand who today’s buyers are and what their interests are all about – buyers are savvier and more prepared nowadays because of info they can get off the internet. They also won’t waste their time looking at a home that is overpriced by thousands of dollars. 



Hope debunking these real estate myths makes you more prepared to hire a professional when the time comes! Palmetto is always here for you.

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Greensboro, NC is filled with exciting adventure and beautifully architectured parks. The following are some of the most unique and family oriented destinations our community has to offer! Good luck choosing which one to visit first… they are all outstandingly gorgeous! 

LeBauer Park 

ADDRESS: 208 N. Davie St. Greensboro, NC 27401 

Features & Amenities

  • Three cafe's: Ghassan's, Cafe Europa, and PorterHouse Burger Company
  • Price/Bryan Performance Place, a 17,000-square foot lawn that accommodates up to 4,000 people
  • Playground
  • Janet Echelman aerial sculpture “Where We Met” 
  • VF Corporation Seasonal Plaza, with interactive fountains 
  • Peacehaven Sensory Space, a sculptural wall designed to be enjoyed by people who have sensory processing disorders 
  • Downtown Greensboro Animal Hospital Dog Park 
  • Carolyn's Garden, one acre of ornamental gardens
  • Junior League of Greensboro's Reading Room 
  • Decal Source Ping-pong and foosball tables

Center City Park

ADDRESS: 200 N. Elm St. Greensboro, NC 27401


  • Band shell
  • Various sculpture fountain features that are an abstract representation of the seasonal stream beds found throughout NC's Piedmont region
  • Luscious grass areas providing space for children to play & for community events


Barber Park

ADDRESS: 1500 Barber Park Dr Greensboro, NC 27401

Features & Amenities:

  • The impressive Simkins Indoor Sports Pavilion with 8 plexi-court tennis courts and four combination basketball / volleyball courts
  • Home to the Penn Wright Baseball Stadium, home field of the Eastern Baseball League, which includes a press box for tournaments, concessions area, and stadium seating
  • 18-hole disc golf course free of use
  • Outdoor amphitheater is available on a rental basis for community concerts, talent shows, and special presentations
  • One-mile walking trail 
  • Six picnic shelters  
  • Playground and Tot Spot 
  • Sprayground
  • The Barber Park Event Center, an upscale rental venue for parties and weddings, and the Tribute to Women, an interactive exhibit that honors the contributions of Greensboro women


Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden 

ADDRESS: 1105 Hobbs Rd. Greensboro, NC 27410


A relaxing retreat, this 7.5-acre garden is known for its massive bronze sculpture and annual plantings. As a historic site, the garden was created in 1976 to honor and recognize the 200th anniversary of the U.S.!

Make sure to check these out:

  • The Wedding Gazebo 
  • Man-made re-circulating stream 
  • Sensory Garden
  • Variety of sculptures placed throughout the garden
  • Paver Plaza – offering a way to lend your name to the garden
  • The garden is open year-round & admission is free!


Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

HOURS: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
ADDRESS: 2332 New Garden Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410



This beautiful 220 ACRE PARK commemorates the Battle of Guilford Court House, fought on March 15, 1781, which ultimately paved way to American victory in the Revolutionary War.  

Things to do at the park:

  • Walk the battlefield
  • Visit the Hoskins farm (18th century colonial farmstead)
  • Watch “Another Such Victory” - This live action theater film explores the historical personal accounts of American and British soldiers involved in the battle, as well as the Quakers and civilians 
  • Watch the Battle Map Program
  • Drive or Bike through the Battlefield Tour Road
  • Join the Junior Rangers
  • Explore the 28 monuments commemorating the soldiers & commanders of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse as well as signers of DOI, local figures & the founders of the park


Hester Park

ADDRESS: 3615 Deutzia St, Greensboro, NC 27407


Features and Amenities:

  • 5.7-acre lake equipped with four fishing piers; one designed for physically challenged visitors 
  • 1.3-mile fitness and exercise trail equipped with 13 fitness stations
  • Gazebo (available for wedding rentals) 
  • Two horseshoe pits are spread throughout the park available for public use 
  • Seven picnic shelters 
  • Drop-in picnic sites with grills and picnic tables
  • Athletic fields
  • Sand volleyball court 
  • 11 tennis courts
  • Archery Range


Greensboro Arboretum

HOURS: 8AM – 8PM (subject to change depending on the month)
ADDRESS: 401 Ashland Dr, Greensboro, NC 27403


Featuring 14 plant collections, 17 stunning acres & a special display of gardens, this site is a must see. The extensive variety of plants offers rich educational opportunities for children and adults, landscape designers, and homeowners.


Bur-Mil Park

ADDRESS: 5834 Bur-Mill Club Rd Greensboro, NC 27410



  • Year-round play for golfers on the 9-hole & lighted par 3 golf course
  • Clubhouse for rental
  • Lighted driving range with grass hitting area
  • Outdoor aquatic center
  • Wildlife Education Center
  • Two fishing ponds
  • A pier on Lake Brandt
  • Tennis courts, horseshoe pits & volleyball courts
  • Hiking and bicycle trails + picnic shelters


The Bog Garden

ADDRESS: 1101 Hobbs Road Greensboro, NC 27410

This heavenly garden is open year-round & admission is free! 


  • Elevated boardwalk meandering through 7 acres of natural wetlands
  • Stone pathways through and around forested hillside
  • Visitors can enjoy sounds of water from the Serenity Falls (re-circulating waterfall)
  • View the many varieties of birds, plants and other eye-catching wildlife inhabiting the area

Thank you for having so much to offer, Greensboro!!!

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Every season brings along its own difficulties and obstacles pertaining to keeping your house in good shape… especially summer. In NC the humidity is INSANE. I mean seriously, sometimes I feel like the outside is the equivalent of taking a shower. This heat, humidity & sun can lead to some drastic damage to your home and yard. Check out these few useful tips to keep your home in shape during the hottest time of the year.

1) Reverse Your Ceiling Fan(s)

In the winter & fall, your ceiling fan is supposed to turn clockwise – 

in order to pull the cool air up to mix with the warm air above (because heat rises). When this happens, then the fan pushes that new warm air out of the sides of the blades keeping the temperature stable. In the summer, remember to reverse the direction of your fan (there should be a button on the side of the motor above the blades) -
When you do this, the fan blades should then turn counter-clockwise, pushing the cool air back down creating a nice breeze. 


2) Clean/Replace The AC Filter

This is a very crucial tip, not only to help keep your home cool, but keep your air clean. Every house with an Air Conditioner has a filter that should be replaced every month at the LEAST – especially if it is running at an all-time high. This is a super simple chore! All you have to do is purchase the new filter (around $6), then replace the old one with the new clean one. If you are lucky enough to have the nice filters that last longer, you may only need to replace it around every 3 months. Remember - replacing these filters in a timely manner not only keeps your house more clean but provides you with better quality air! 

3) Examine The Washing Machine

I know what you’re thinking… yes, even your washing machine needs maintenance every now and then. When you have a break between loads of laundry or when your washer is not in use, do yourself a huge favor to your clothes and nose by inspecting the seal between the drum and door opening. In this area, it is super common for soil buildup and stains to spread without being seen. This gunk can start to smell really stinky and can even create dirty marks on your clothes from the dirt deposits. If you see any buildup of this sort, you can easily clean it with a gallon of warm water mixed with ¾ cup of chlorine bleach. Wipe the area with the solution after mixing & let it sit for about 5 minutes. After this, wipe dry with a paper towel or cloth, & let it air dry (leaving the washer door open for awhile). 
I can already smell the freshness!


4) Insect Prevention 101

Insects are COLD blooded. This means they can’t regulate their body temperatures on their own – that is why you don’t see many bugs out during the fall & winter. Some of the most common pests that thrive during the summer months are flies, mosquitos, bees, wasps & hornets. 

There are actually many ways to prevent each of these pests, but I won’t go into too much detail – ill stick with the basics!

First things first, do the small things (to your actual home) to prevent the bugs from getting inside. These include:

  • Caulking around window frames, plumbing pipes, dryer vents and air conditioning units (you can buy cheap caulk at a home maintenance store like Lowes)
  • Install door sweeps at thresholds (These can also be bought at any home maintenance store)
  • Use fine mesh screens in windows

Starting out with these 3 steps will help more than you know. When you inspect your house with the mind of an insect, you will be surprised at how many ways they are actually able to get inside! 

Next, take these measures to bring prevention to the next level:
Obvioulsy you can buy bug reppellents at a store that are targeted for specific pests, but here are some natural solutions which can be useful inside & outside the home. Pungent-smelling plants can ward off insects, like mint & rosemary. Also, lemongrass and geraniums contain Citronella Oil, which bugs despise! Use it to your advantage!

 Have you ever heard of integrated pest management?! This concept refers to fighting insects with their natural enemies. Birds, spiders, bats & geckos are all natural enemies of insects. So keep this in mind next time you are trying to ‘shoo’ that songbird away from your flowers. 

Last tip - insects thrive in dark, warm, damp areas - especially mosquitos. When you are trying to keep the bugs away, be sure to keep the moisture down as much as you can inside your home. This means keeping the counters wiped down, making sure leaks are fixed & clogged gutters are cleared. Also, make sure spare food particles are scarce by taking out the trash more frequently, cleaning dirty dishes right away & sweeping leftover crumbs off the floors to prevent bugs from finding food sources inside.


5) Watering 

It is typically best to water in the early evening. This is the time when the plants & grass most likely are not in direct sunlight, and also allows enough time for the plants to soak up the water before nightfall. Also, less water is able to evaporate than during mid-day when it’s the hottest it will be outside. Plants can sufficiently be supplied with plenty of water before the next day’s heat. 
If you would rather water early in the morning, that is perfectly fine too - just make sure it is before sunrise or around that time because as soon as the sun goes up the water will start to evaporate in these hot summer days!

6) Avoid Too Much Humidity

Humidity isn’t just outside, its inside too. Make it minimal by remembering to keep surfaces dry. For example, make sure to dry your sink & counter after washing dishes, brushing your teeth & showering. When left to ‘dry out’ sometimes this doesn’t happen and water droplets can turn to mold or residue which leaves nasty buildup between tiles and shower corners. If you already do this, but the buildup is still happening, there may be a problem with your AC unit. Typically AC units in homes have features to eliminate humidiy, but it could be possible these features are not working properly or even broken. If this is the case, call Palmetto and we can refer you for the best maintenance you can get! 

Hoping these tips help keep your home dry and bug free during the summer.
Many hot days are still to come! 

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Posted by Katelyn Mountjoy on June 11th, 2019 10:35 AM

Without proper management, even the best properties can turn rotten


& because of this, it can’t be neglected.

 Obviously, you can attempt to be your own property manager, but this could easily come at a cost to you not only from your pockets but take a toll on your energy as well (& sometimes even your sanity). 

If you are debating which road to take; doing it yourself VS having a property management company… well here is how Palmetto Equity Group just may in fact be the better choice.

  1. There’s infrastructure already in place

At our property management company, well, we do property management. We KNOW what we are doing and have the structure [already] in place for every aspect you can think of. From tenant payment, to rules and restrictions, and even every single question and detail that needs to be asked to potential clients and future tenants. These take years to get structured. So, to find a company that already has this key ingredient in what you need is a huge load off your shoulders.


  1. Ability to save time

Many people think property management is easy. In some cases, it can be, but most of the time it takes some tough decision making and negotiation. There are several mistakes that people make when trying to be 'DIY' on their home and end up spending more money and time because they weren’t able to foresee these bumps in the road. You may think you are saving money by doing it yourself – but in the long run you probably aren’t.

It’s pretty much like having a mentor. Especially when you hire a trusted company that will work their butt off to help save you money and not over spend on things that aren’t absolutely necessary.


  1. The experience with anything and everything –

“Oh my walls are molding”,  “There’s a pork chop bone stuck in the toilet”, “My kids kicked their soccer ball through the wall and busted a pipe”, “Our ceiling fan in the master is spinning slower than the one in the den”, “So, the roof worker fell through my ceiling this morning”, …we have been through it all… One thing our company really aids with is having a reliable maintenance department that can trouble shoot people through the phone. Knowing preventatives, what doesn’t work vs. what works to save service calls, time & money is a big key in successful growth. Palmetto has trusted vendor relationships with people that not only we RELY on, but that they know will get the job done satisfactory. AND we don't add any fees on top of what the vendors charge for their business or on top of our application fees. Our number one priorities are you as clients. We pass the savings to you - and that’s how it should be!


  1. Marketing channels & networking skills

Having smart and experienced Real Estate agents are really what can set apart a fabulous property management company. Good thing we have multiple of them! Knowing the market trends, not only for the Real Estate Market, but for the online Media Markets, is crucial. Typically, people that want to do their own management really don’t understand how much time and effort it takes to get a property rented out and maintenance properly to pass inspections. Not only will you have to fix everything yourself, but you would have to figure out lockboxes for your properties, market them, schedule tenant tours, figure out applications, and deal with regulated showings (and this is all before it even gets rented out). Then when there is an actual tenant living in the property, there WILL at some point be maintenance issues. Palmetto Equity acts as a buffer between the landlord and tenant so that things can get fixed and issues get resolved without the landlord breaking a sweat. THEN, when the tenant ultimately moves out at some point, we take the reins to schedule another tenant to move in as soon as possible after that previous tenant leaves. 

 In summary, having us as your property management company can really make your life easier if you are deciding to rent out your home or property. Should the need arise – I think you now know what to do. 



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Selling your home isn't always easy. In order to get the best value for your property it is critical to use your time and energy wisely in preparation. This way the sale will go smoothly and will hopefully satisfy your goals. Read on for some great tips to help get the interior and exterior of your house ready for the market and ultimately (hopefully) get it SOLD!

1) Make Sure the Landscaping Looks as Good as Possible 
Curb appeal is important.. don't underestimate the buyers first impression because it could initiate their positive or negative attitude about the rest of your home. There is no need to go over the top... just try to make sure everything looks neat and preferably 'alive'. Trim the bushes, mow the lawn, maybe even buy a few bags of mulch or straw to put in the flower beds for a small but prosperous transformation. These simple improvements can increase home value believe it or not!

2) Clutter FREE
This is a really helpful home selling tip because it is one of the most cost effective ones - make your home clutter free (as best you can). Maximizing the space you have to work with is key. The more clutter, the smaller the space feels and a little bit more awkward for buyers as well. This doesn't mean you necessarily have to go through every little thing and organize it, there are alternatives. You can put things away in closets or drawers just to clear out the space or even rent a small & cheap storage unit to simply hide things away for showings. Keep in mind that the majority of today's buyers love spaces that feel bright and open. Many people are not able to have a 'vision' of what the home could look like for them, so help them out by creating a vision for them (one without your clutter in it).

3) Fresh Paint?
It is amazing how a new paint job can COMPLETELY and I mean completely change a room. We highly recommend getting advice from an experienced Real Estate agent or interior designer on this one. Considering trends change every year, it is important to have your home fit the wants and needs of the masses considering buying it. Make sure the interiors do not look dreary and dark.. neutrals seem to be a safe play but don't be afraid to spice it up with a fresh contemporary color here and there. 

4) This is Where We Come In
This next step - hiring a great Real Estate agent - is an important one. Not only does working with a professional have a TON of benefits, it also takes so much stress off of you as a seller. Having an experienced agent, it is more likely to sell faster and even reap more money for your home than if you sold on your own. Before the selling even starts, a Real Estate agent can help you price your home correctly, give you advice and tips on the best and most cost effective ways to upgrade your home, and ultimately help lead you through each step of the selling process so you don't feel overwhelmed. 

5) Get a Sign Up In The Yard
As simple as this sounds, it is crucial to market your home everywhere OFF the online market as well. The basic task of putting a "For Sale" sign up in your yard or down the street on a busy road could be the helping hand in leading someone directly to your property. Real estate signage shouldn't be underestimated. Many homes have solely been sold just because of the "For Sale" sign over the years. Think about it... there are plenty of people out there that 'don't necessarily want to move right now but if that PERFECT house was for sale then maybe..' then they see your house & the "For Sale" sign out front - and it's their DREAM home!
Don't skip the basics.

6) Get Professional Photos Taken
Pictures are a very important piece to the selling puzzle - these can make or break your sale! Being the very first thing anyone sees regarding your sale, the photos will leave the buyer(s) with their first impression and from there the decision is made to see it in person. If the pictures look like horrible quality or don't give the home any justice at all whatsoever, the chances of people looking at the photos then thinking, "Wow, that's beautiful! I want to see the inside!", are super slim. If you don't have great picture taking skills or a good quality camera, hire a professional to take them - trust me, it's worth it. Here's an example why...

7) Consider Making a Video Tour
In addition to photos, it is a good idea to use some form of a video or slideshow tour. We have tried this for some of our listings for sale and even for rent and shows to be super successful. Again, when working with a Real Estate agent, you will also get years of experience and several trustworthy contacts allowing for the best recommendations and services - including videography and photography. Having a video tour of a listing can really help seal the deal after the buyer views the photos. 

8) Make Sure You're Marketing on All Channels
Another thing to keep in mind when hiring a real estate agent - make sure they know what resources are available in regards to online marketing. Some agents are a bit more old school and don't take on the fresh online marketing tools. A realtor with their own website is awesome, but it is tremendously beneficial if they have Instagram, Twitter & Facebook accounts as well to market on every platform. (YouTube is a plus!) Using all of these marketing sources for your property will give it way more exposure than just being on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Making your home stand out from the competition is key! 
examples from our marketing platforms ^ (Facebook//Instagram)

9) Good Lighting is Your Best Friend
What do you think looks more inviting: open blinds lighting up a room or closed blinds leaving it dark and dreary? Doesn't really take a genius to answer that one, but sometimes it is amazing the basic things that people forget when showing their home. Take advantage of every single bit of light you can to open up your home and make it bright as can be. Even buying LED lightbulbs can help brighten it up to the next level. A good recommendation for showings is to always make sure all blinds are open, curtains are drawn back and all lights are on. Presentation is super important even if it takes you that much more time for set up each time a person comes to look at the property. 

10) Consider Getting a Professional Cleaning
A dirty home can turn buyers away quicker than anything else most times. The easiest way to make sure this doesn't happen, is to hire a professional cleaning company. Again, Real Estate agents typically know of fabulous recommendations for this process. Kitchen and baths are very important spaces that need to be clean. Anywhere that people would see their hygiene being affected needs to be spotless. If you have carpets, make sure they are cleaned as well. Not only does it look great when carpets are cleaned with the fresh vacuum marks across the floor, but it smells lovely too. Getting your home cleaned will really help in the long run and save you money from a potential buyer backing out because the house seems dirty or uncared for.

11) Get Advice on What Needs to Be Repaired 
It is sometimes a soft subject discussing what renovations need to be done versus what doesn't really matter to a seller before putting their house on the market. What will you get your money back on? This is where your RE agent comes in... again. If your agent advises you on fixing some things like a hole in the fence, a leaky toilet, faulty wiring or stains on the walls & ceiling, you should probably do it! These are minor yet significant things that a buyer will use in their favor to try and negotiate a lower price for the home. Prevent this by being ready and prepared for the buyers home inspection! Get the small fixes done with the help and advice from a Real Estate agent.

12) Turn Bad Smells Into Good Ones
In many circumstances, a persons home can smell a certain way that they don't realize. This can be due to many reasons - such as cooking odors, pet odors or even trash odors if you leave things laying around for several days. Have someone you trust like a close friend or even your Realtor to come in and evaluate the smells to determine if you need to do more cleaning. Odors can really drive away a sale because buyers will seem to believe it is not possible to get rid of it. 

13) Make Your Kitchen Look Appealing
A sweet spot for many buyers is the kitchen. If they like two different houses pretty much the same but one has a more inviting and appealing kitchen with more updated appliances, more chances than not they will want to go with that listing. If your countertop is from the 70's or 80's you may want to get it replaced. I know, this sounds like $$ going down the drain, but there are actually several ways to update a kitchen and stay under budget while also making it look gorgeous. 

14) Organize
When people come to look at your home, expect them to look behind every single door - including closets & the garage. Help yourself and your sale out by organizing ahead of time. The better your space looks, the more able buyers are to imagine themselves in the home with all of their things. If your home looks disorganized and cluttered, the buyer will be so focussed on that, they will struggle to see themselves living there with all of their things. 

15) Get Your Pets a Sitter For Showings
As difficult as this may be for pet owners... some people just really don't like pets. However, they may want to make a fabulous offer on your home. Just to be safe, go ahead and schedule for your pets to be somewhere else for showings where they can be comfortable. Maybe go visit some friends or take them to a park. Even having the odors left behind in your home from your pets can be a real turn-off for some people. So keep this in mind!

Hope these tips help you prepare your home - now get on your way to selling! Good luck 

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