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Incredible Nonprofits & Charities in Greensboro, NC #LovingOurCommunity

October 3rd, 2019 1:18 PM by Mojgan Jordan


What an amazing community we live in. Not only does Greensboro have DELICIOUS food and a captivating downtown historic culture, but it also is crawling with volunteers wanting to help and better our community. There are so many charities & nonprofits all around us. It’s important to know about them and what role they could be playing or need to be playing for your family, neighbors & even friends. Check out these 8 awesome nonprofits in our lovely town!


1)    Family Service of the Piedmont

“Family Service of the Piedmont is a private, not-for-profit agency focused on building safe and healthy families in the Piedmont Triad. We serve more than 18,000 clients each year, addressing issues of domestic violence, child abuse, mental health and financial stability.”

They serve more than 18,000 local adults and children each and every year, while helping manage and address the issues of child abuse, mental health, domestic violence & financial stability. 




--- photo taken from the impact reports

Find out more here:


2)    Greensboro Urban Ministry 

“Greensboro Urban Ministry’s mission is to express the love of God to our neighbors in need by offering food, shelter and solutions. Our vision is stable lives for our neighbors. 

We have served the Greensboro community since 1967.

Poverty is an equal-opportunity destroyer. Lack of food, funds and affordable housing create true disasters in the lives of our guests. Our goal is to be there first with them to help them dig out of the rubble and return to stability as quickly as possible.”

There are so many ways to get involved with this organization! Volunteers come in all ages and abilities… all sharing the belief “in one’s power to make a difference.” Together, anything Is possible. There are 2 primary tracks for people called to serve those living in poverty: Program Volunteering & Event Volunteering. Click on the link below to learn more:


3)    United Way of Greater Greensboro

United Way of Greater Greensboro is leading a local movement to END poverty.

“That’s why we’ve created a community-wide network of partners that provides a path to financial stability at any stage of life. Our new holistic approach to ending poverty is working and we have the outcomes to prove it. Adults are becoming financially stable now and children have the proper foundations to be successful in the future.”

United Way, along with it’s community partner agencies were successfully able to deliver 137,109 service interactions to Greensboro residents from 2017-2018. Here are some of the outcomes! :

91% of parents increased time spent with their children to support learning at home.

89% of youth achieved acceptance to college/post-secondary programs.

99% of people connected to a primary health care provider and received needed services.

91% of children achieved on-time grade and middle school promotion.

94% of people landing a job remained employed for 12 months.

82% of people seeking assistance were provided needed shelter or housing.


4)    Wheels 4 Hope

“Wheels4Hope is a non-profit, faith-based car donation program that turns donated cars into local blessings.”

Located in the Triad areas of NC, they have a strong mission to be able to provide reliable, affordable transportation to the less fortunate or economically struggling families/individuals referred to them by their partner agencies. They are an IRS approved charitable organization in which they exist only through the contributions of numerous generous donors, congregations, volunteers & partner businesses who understand and agree that reliable transportation is critical for self sufficiency in today’s society….also being a huge key to the pursuit of education, stable employment &  the care of children.

Check out this heart-warming story from their website!

“Latisha and her 10 year old son, Bryce, received their 2000 Nissan Maxima last Thursday! After a year of using the bus, Latisha and Bryce took their last ride to the Wheels4Hope office to sign all the paperwork and purchase their car!

Latisha was referred from the Raleigh Rescue Mission, where she has been staying for the last year. She works two jobs and had been without a vehicle for 10 years! Latisha plans to use her car to pursue employment and housing options now that she is no longer limited to the bus route! Way to go, Latisha! Congratulations on all your hard work!”


Find more inspirational stories at


5)    Backpack Beginnings

"BackPack Beginnings’ mission is to deliver child-centric services to feed, comfort and clothe children in need.  By ensuring food and basic necessities are given directly to children in need, we make a positive and lasting impact on their health and well-being."

Look at all of these amazing impacts that were made this year!

6)    Out of The Garden Project

"Out of the Garden Project's mission is to nourish families with food to grow, learn and thrive. Our vision is to connect people through partnerships that feed families, create community and build healthier outcomes."

“Out of the Garden Project is a story of miracles — the story of amazing things that would not happen but actually do — because people like you come together to move mountains of hunger. This is a story of hope. With your help, we have many more chapters to write, and the families we help get a chance to live better lives. Thank you for all you do in service of our kids and our community.”

I actually had the pleasure of volunteering with Out of The Garden and it was so much fun giving back to our community! This organization is incredible. The looks on peoples’ faces as they drove up to the food truck and saw how much food we were giving them (completely for free) was a treasurable moment each and every time. Check out some of these photos I took:


7)    Habitat for Humanity

“Habitat Greensboro has an open-door policy: All who believe that everyone needs a decent, affordable place to live are welcome to help with the work, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, political views or any of the other distinctions that too often divide people. Habitat Greensboro welcomes volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds and also serves people in need of decent housing regardless of race or religion. As a matter of policy, Habitat for Humanity International and its affiliated organizations do not proselytize. This means that Habitat will not offer assistance on the expressed or implied condition that people must either adhere to or convert to a particular faith, or listen and respond to messaging designed to induce conversion to a particular faith.”

Celebrating their 32nd year, Habitat Greensboro has successfully placed more than 490 families into affordable homes in our Triad community. Internationally, they have placed 450 families in homes they have BUILT restoring hope and the communities in whole. Habitat GSO makes incredible differences in so many peoples’ lives, ultimately creating an exciting & strong impact on the rest of the community.


8)    Faith Action International House 

"Faith Action serves and advocates alongside of over 3,000 new immigrants and refugees and their families from over 60 diverse nations each year at our downtown Greensboro house location.

Serving and advocating alongside 3,000 immigrants and refugees from over 60 diverse nations

Providing over 70 trainings and presentations to 2,500 people in school, city departments, nonprofits, and faith communities across North Carolina and beyond

Connecting thousands more across lines of culture, faith, and nationality through our Stranger to Neighbor and Faith action ID Programs"

Their bilingual (Spanish, English, and French), and culturally competent staff provide one on one help with:

·      Basic needs (food and diapers, healthcare, and housing issues) 

·      FaithAction ID cards

·      Education opportunities and employment readiness

·      Safe space and accompaniment for domestic/sexual violence survivors

·      Emergency assistance to families facing detention and deportation

·      Referrals for furniture, clothing, legal services, etc…

There are SO MANY more nonprofits around the Triad! These are just a few of the many generous organizations. 

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Posted by Mojgan Jordan on October 3rd, 2019 1:18 PM