Choosing a real estate professional who is experienced in the Triad's neighborhoods plus the current housing market, county schools, and local ordinances is vital to getting your property leased quickly or getting you to the closing table fast. We have years of experience helping clients buy, sell, manage, and lease residential, multi-family, and commercial real estate in North Carolina, and we would love to help you with your specific real estate needs.
-We are located at 209 E. Bessemer Avenue in Greensboro-

What’s different about us?

Easy. Palmetto Equity Group is a ‘boutique styled’ real estate firm. In choosing PALMETTO to meet your needs, you will be receiving more senior- level expertise and talent because of our founder’s attention to detail and crave for customer satisfaction. Ultimately, you will be receiving more brainpower and time devotion in addition to more direct access with the top talent our firm provides compared to corporate firms.

As the top team of real estate professionals, getting you the best terms and prices in all negotiations is simply part of our job.

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Brian has been a client of Palmetto's since 2008!

"I worked with Palmetto in 2008 to find my first home. After looking at around 35 houses with Mojgan Jordan, I found one that fit my needs and that was in my price range. In 2012, I decided to move, but couldn’t decide if I wanted to sell my home or keep it as a rental property. Once again, I turned to the knowledge and expertise of Palmetto to help me make my decision. I ultimately decided to keep the house as a rental property, which also led to my new relationship with Palmetto – as my property manager. I now live in another state and depend on Palmetto to market my home and find potential renters. They also take care of all home maintenance requests from my tenants so I don’t have to worry about calling or making appointments with maintenance companies."

"I depend on Palmetto to take care of my property and to advise me when things need to be repaired. They have great connections with many home maintenance companies in the areas, so whether I need my house painted or need my gutters cleaned, they’re always on hand with a great recommendation that saves me time and money."

Thanks Brian!

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